Why it's important to keep an exercise routine for results

Don’t worry - many of us feel this way, especially when we’re first getting started.

It gets easier to stick to a routine once you learn why it’s important to exercise regularly. Some of the many reasons include:

1.       Lowering the risk of disease

2.       Improve cardiovascular health 

3.       Boosts mental health 

4.       Hormone production and regulation

5.       Supports quality sleep 

6.       Aids in weight loss/maintenance

7.       Builds strength to minimize injury and increase flexibility and stamina. 


1.       Keeping to a schedule helps you stay accountable!

2.       Consistency brings quicker results 

3.       Exercise helps with stress levels 

4.       Schedules are good for mental health.

How do I create a custom exercise schedule?

The specifics are unique to you, your needs, and your other responsibilities. One person’s schedule might be a five-day-per-week routine, while another might be three days per week.

Whatever it is, create a schedule that works for you using an app, a diary or even pre booking sessions. Make these non-negotiable! If you are really struggling, start small e.g., 1 session per week or 1 walk per week, trying a new simple recipe - there are so many small things you can change. it does not have to be anything dramatic. Find what works for you and your current lifestyle.

If you do need guidance or ideas, look online, ask a trainer, just do some research before you make any drastic changes.

Stick to a routine that feels doable for you and your lifestyle, and you’ll start to see results.

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