Is my training program a flop?


Have you ever started a new training program, challenge, or diet and absolutely flopped?

You were excited, motivated, did your food shop, your meal prep, scheduled your training sessions in and then just stopped for no reason? 

You took a leap and put yourself out there, but you didn't go as you planned (like all the Instagram quotes promised!)

Often women fail due to 3 things:

· Trying to find a quick fix

·  Poor relationship with food 

·  Running on stress hormones, caffeine, and desperation


So, let’s break these down. 

Mistake 1 - Trying to find a quick fix

Unfortunately, there are no short cuts. There are no quick fixes. And sadly, health and fitness marketing thrive on convincing you there is. I know you want to get results fast. But I can tell you know, that if something seems too good to be true. It probably is.

A quick fix will not address underlying health dysfunction. 99% of the clients I have worked with in the past few years have had either or all. Can happily admit I have been there.

Chronic gut health issues, down-regulated metabolism, and/or estrogen dominance. All of which can slow down and even halt fat loss, exacerbate cravings, increase stress and anxiety, and ultimately lead you down a path of what may feel like failure.

Mistake 2 - Poor relationship with food

 Tell tail signs that someone has a poor relationship with food are:

·  You sabotage on the weekend

·  You have firm dietary rules

·  You avoid or worry about eating out 

·  You work out to burn calories – nothing else

·  You punish yourself if you eat something 'off' plan

·  You cut out entire food groups

·  You are always on and off different diets

·  You are either 'all in' or 'all out'

·  You characterise food as 'good' or 'bad'

These mindsets and behaviors not only set you up for health dysfunction, but they can put a serious halt on your ability to get results. This includes fixing your metabolism, gut, and hormones.

Mistake 3 - Running on stress hormones, caffeine, and desperation

I always explain to my clients that stress, sleep, nutrition, and training are like 4 legs to a stool when it comes to achieving your health, body, and fitness goals

If one leg of the stool breaks. Then the whole stool falls. Stress and sleep are just as important as nutrition and training when it comes to fat loss, gut health, metabolism, and hormonal health. 

If you are dieting hard but you are hyper stressed all the time, not sleeping, and surviving primarily on stimulants then you are going to be chasing your tail with you goals constantly.

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