10 Ways to Celebrate Fitness without a Scale!


Let’s talk about non-scale victories. We know the scale is not an accurate representation of your progress or your worth, so I want to encourage you to focus on the non-scale victories.

A non-scale victory celebrates improvements that happen off the scale. These are just as important as achieving physical changes, if not more because they’re what will carry you through your journey for the long-term and help you live a healthy lifestyle. This is why non-scale victories often end up resulting in physical progress, but that’s icing on the cake.

I don’t know if I’ve spoken to one person who only focused on getting abs or a nice booty and succeeded. They may have started with that goal in mind, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but this journey is hard. Results sometimes take longer than expected and that one surface goal won’t carry you through the days when you are struggling. Focusing on the non-scale victories will keep you motivated because they are what make you feel your best, inside and out. Even if it is lifting a heavier weight, getting an extra session, learning a new recipe or even just completing a workout when you really didn't want too. 

If you’re wondering what a non-scale victory looks like, here are some examples:

1.    Your clothes fitting better

2.    Being able to run faster, further, or longer

3.    Being able to lift heavier weights then from when you started

4.    Feeling more energized

5.    More relaxed and less stressed

6.    Improved sleep

7.    Feeling in control of your food

8.    Knowing the difference between hunger and just cravings

9.    Having fun with new foods / educating yourself on new recipes

10. Improved thoughts / wordings you use to describe yourself / to your body image

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