Getting off the hamster wheel

Does this sound familiar to you? Have you hit a breaking point with your body, not seeing the results your after, and unhappy within your mindset and body? Are you stuck in a vicious relationship with food where you will cut your calories, always hungry and not enjoying the food you are eating? Are you a yo-yo dieter and struggle with your gut health and hormones?

Well I am here to coach you to train smart and eat smart.

The Vicious Starve – Binge – Starve cycle

Have you tried every single diet which leads to a cycle of binging on the weekends, feelings of guilt and shame, and starting to starve again the following week. Leading to a loss of control, avoiding social interaction, and hating yourself? This is the cycle so many young girls and women are currently going through.

We have all been there when it comes to crash diets and wanting quick fixes with weight loss or to change our bodies to fit ‘the perfect mold. Trying every fad diet there was, fasting, eliminating carbs, shake diets and restricting calories. We try all these crazy diets and tend to have no changes at all in our bodies and even more so in our minds.

Speaking from experience, I would then beat myself up for it and go 10 times harder at whatever fad diet I was doing at that time. I deprived myself so much throughout the week, that on the weekends or a day I would go see my friends I would just binge on junk because i had neglected myself so much with proper food and all the added flavors and sweetness would kick in and it would taste so good to me and have the mentality of I’ve ruined it now "start back on Monday".

I was so narrow minded that anything that was seen as a ‘cheat’ food I would cut out completely and did zero research on how many amazing options there are for healthy cheat foods which are full of nutrients and minerals! 

This started to become a vicious cycle weekly. I lost self-confidence, I hated myself because I thought I had no self-control and I hated going out with friends because of it

Eliminating the obsession with food
If you are wanting to rid yourself of these bad habits and see food as not only a fuel source but to have fun and actually enjoy it, whilst keeping sustainable results. There is no point in looking for the quick fixes, you want to enjoy the process and educate yourself on your body and love it for what it is and what it can do.

I want to help young girls and women to change their whole mindset on their bodies and what they put into it, so that you are not constantly thinking about food or what you are going to eat next because it’s all there in front of you. You will learn the skills to shift your mindset from constantly thinking about the scales and what you were eating to how you are feeling inside.

Having the freedom and confidence whilst eating more than ever
Some of the goals we will work on together would be to;

1. Change your mindset around nutrition and training a
nd give you a new relationship with how you understand food in a complete overhaul.

2. Incrementally increase or maintain your calories (including fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals) to improve hormonal and metabolic function.

3. Treat any gut issues through identifying and eliminating food sensitivities and setting a specific gut protocol to heal / improve the gut.

4. Set a training and nutrition schedule that is feasible to your lifestyle, making it sustainable and enjoyable.

Does this post resonate with you?
My coaching approach is aimed to help of women and young girls break the yo-yo dieting, overtraining and calorie restriction cycle, overcome gut issues and mindless eating to have complete freedom and control around food and training! If you are ready to take your body to the next level book a consult with us to find out how i can help you!

Email – inyourstridefitness@gmail.com

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