Things I have learned in my 27 years around the sun

Its my birthday today! Yay!

Today I have turned the ripe old age of 28. It is not a massive milestone but this year has been one of the most life-changing and challenging ones so far. So I decided i wanted to share some life truths that I’ve learned in my 27 years around the sun.

1.   Travel as often as you can.

2.   Apologize only when you mean it.

3.   Spend real quality time with your family.

4.  Bitterness gets you nowhere. It does not protect you and it doesn’t save you from feeling hurt.

5.   Never say no to a free meal.

6.   Always say I love you before you hang up the phone.

7.   Take a mental health day when you need it.

8.   Don’t be scared to spend the day out on your own. Take a solo trip. No-one will judge you.

9.   It’s okay to cry for no reason.

10. Put yourself first. You are not being selfish.

11. Learn how to cook even if it’s starting with pasta and sauce.

12. True friends will become family. Keep them close.

13. You can become who / whatever you want to be.

14. Your heart will heal, and the scars start to fade.

15. When you realize that you are enough. You are no-ones second best.

16. Talking to strangers can lead to amazing conversations!

17. Following you gut feeling, it is always right

18. Its never too late to change your life path

19. You can never start a new chapter if you keep re-reading your previous one

20. People come in to your life and leave for a reason

21. There are no guarantees in life

22. Filling your mind with positive thoughts, your body will respond

23. Never, ever judge someone by their appearance

24. Deep breathing when overwhelmed really does help

25. Real stories are found within your passports

26. Its okay I am not yet married with a house and my own family by 27.

27. Don’t ever let money hold you back.

Number 28 (just because its one for good luck, right?) - Everyone has more than one chance at love.

There you have it, 27 things I’ve learned in 27 years – in no particular order. All of these things have made me who i am today, in one way or another. I cannot wait to see what 28 brings!

What's somethings you have learned in your years? Share your advice and wisdom in the comments below. I would love to hear. 

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