Home made gluten free, dairy free chocolate granola

Hello beautiful readers!

As promised I have finally put together my own chocolate granola that can be loved by all! Unless you are allergic to nuts then you can add in alternatives. The recipe is also great for anyone who is gluten, dairy, soy free and vegan! It will have your kitchen smelling amazing and it is all completely natural ingredients and most you can find in your cupboard and has significantly less sugar than any granolas you may buy from the shops.

The chocolate I used is from Loving Earth and just the Cashew Mylk Chocolate bar. Below you can find the link for the company but I bought it from Holland and Barrett.

Below you will find the ingredients and the process to creating the scrummy granola. Now with these ingredients it makes a reasonable amount but if you are wanting to make it in bulk or enough to last you or your family a while then by all means add to the ingredients.


1. 1 Cup of Gluten Free Rolled Oats (normal oats are fine)

2. 1/2 Cup of chopped Walnuts 

3. 1/3 Cup Coconut Shavings (flakes will also work) 

4. 1/4 Cup of Majooled Dates (soaked in water for 10 minutes)

5. 1 Heaped Tbsp. Cinnamon

6. 1/2 Bar of Dairy Free Chocolate (or full bar to make extra choclat-ey) i used Loving Earth

7. Optional - add in 1 - 1 1/2 Tbsp of Protein Powder, I would suggest Vanilla or Chocolate. I added in my Bulk Powders Vanilla Protein Powder and it combined very well.


1. Before you get started make sure that your oven is turned on to 180degrees. Then place all of the ingredients into a mixing bowl - including the water from the Dates. This will combine all of the other ingredients together. If you do want it to become sweeter or more dense chunks you can always add some Golden Syrup, Algarve Syrup, Honey or any form of nut butters. Or if you are wanting to keep it as natural as possible then add an extra small amount of water until you are happy with the consistence - REMEBER you can always add, but you cant take away! 

2. The next step is to get a large baking tray with some baking paper and add the mixture. If you are after more thicker chunks then grab a handful of the mixture in your hands or roll into little balls (especially with the big chocolate chunks!) 

3. From there place into the oven for 20-30 minutes (depending on how cooked you want it), with a check around half way just to mix it up so certain but don't get over cooked. I found that 20 minutes worked but again its up to you. Once you start to smell the cinnamon it means its doing very well! Believe me your house is going to smell amazing! Once you are happy with how much it is cooked leave it at the side to cool and place into a pretty, clear jar or container. 

4. The last, and final step is to ENJOY! I love adding mine with some warmed up almond milk, fresh berries and banana. One reason i love to make my own is that you know what has gone into it, its reduced sugar, added protein, healthy fats and the ingredients cost roughly the same as one bag of granola from the shops but you can make yours in bulk! So you are also saving yourself a pretty penny.

This would also go great with some coconut yoghurt and some fresh fruit.

As I mentioned before if you have a sweet tooth in the morning (or at any time for that matter) then this is a great, healthy option for you and because it is full of healthy fats and fibre it will keep you fuller for longer and curb that sweet craving, because lets face it everyhing is good in moderation. 

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