Be easy on yourself - COVID-19 Diary

So... as we are all adjusting to our new normal, I wanted to send out a reminder that it is okay to ease up on yourself, particularly during this time. We are all handling quarantine differently, some days we might use this time to intensely organize our homes / belongings - but lets be honest there are so many times you can do that. Another one people may be trying is to learn a new language, or get fitter, while other days we might use this time at home to relax and simply be, which are absolutely both fine to do. It I a matter of listening to your own bodies & minds, really focusing on how you are feeling each day. My best advice is to stick to somewhat of a routine. The most important thing is to find what works for you. 

Do not feel pressured in to thinking you have to of achieved a new skill once isolation is over! 

Our normal lives (now I look back on it) was always so fast-paced, which is why I am wanting to take this period to really slow down, as I am very much a creature of habit and routine. I know you may see everyone online or on TV encouraging you to learn a new skill, or do something new every day etc. which is fine and great for someone who doesn't have much going on or are struggling to keep themselves busy. But do not shame yourself for not 'cooking enough new meals' or not being 'productive or active enough'. 

Here in the UK we do have somewhat of a 'luxury' of being able to still go out and exercise and go to the shops but I cannot stress enough to you all to keep to a routine of social distancing, washing your hands, wearing a face mask if you must leave the house and just simply getting through each day. That is all we are really expected to do. 

I am doing my best to focus on the positives with this new slower paced lifestyle. Since starting my new career of being a self-employed personal trainer and moving to a new city I have pretty much been on the go since moving here. Right now I am feeling more connected and grounded with my work / business and where I would want to take it. I have been given this time to take a step back and focus on my new project (this blog). The kindest thing I have done for myself during this time is to remind myself that I cannot be and do everything all of the time. Even though our lives have challenges, that's for sure! 

Truthfully, I am / have been struggling. I go through waves of 'Am I doing enough? Should I be doing more?' and with all of the what-ifs and worries that come in between. One thing I have been doing lately is to stop these feelings and thoughts, taking a pause and having a word with myself and setting a reminder in my brain that 'I am safe and healthy. The people I love are safe and healthy'. Just repeating that to myself puts everything into perspective and reminds me that everything else comes secondary to my well-being and health lets be honest some of the things we stress about, are they really worth stressing about?

Another aspect of my 'new normal' is I am trying to also not be so hard on myself when I don't answer emails or texts right away, work or even personal, as I am trying to navigate this new normal of being at home, single, working, a sister, daughter and friend. With the industry I am in it is very much on your phone or laptop, getting content, keeping yourself relevant, doing research etc. So when I get the chance to be off my phone, I do! Especially on evenings. So apologies to anyone if I don't message you back, its not you I promise!

I am doing the best to find more of a balance with work / personal life, I feel that it is much more of a grey area now working from home, but if I need a midday FaceTime chat with  friend or parents, I don't feel guilty about pausing my work for 15 minutes to have a conversation and check in on loved ones. I am focusing on things that are making me happy and taking it day by day.

During this time I also made sure that I have a designated workspace where I can start the day and then switch off once I am done - no working from my bed! This mean I am in more order to maintain some sort of work / life balance, I don't want to be getting into my bed until the end of the day, or unless I am feeling low and need a pick me up nap. But what I find has been setting me up for the day is getting out for a nice long walk - roughly 1 hour first thing in the morning (6am) because this means that I see one, maybe two people and we are all keeping our distance. I tried taking a walk in the afternoon / evening but it is just too busy and not everyone keeps their distance!

But getting up at this time will keep my body clock in its routine for when I get back to early mornings and it wont be so much of a shock to my system. I will then have my coffee, chill out, listen to a podcast or watch a tv episode then get ready for the day.

Keep safe and keep sane everyone. It will be over soon.

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