Working from home - Isolation Tips

Hello beautiful people.  If social isolations got you feeling a little down, or demotivated, then this is for you. I have out together some ideas that I have implemented myself to keep myself as busy (and sane) as possible. Think of this as a ‘A day in the life of Jess’.

Get yourself moving.
Whether you start, end, or break up your day with a home workout, plenty of people are using this to stay positive and keep moving while they can’t get to the gym. Having always been an early bird I like to sleep with my curtains slightly open so I can get natural light in first thing in the morning, it just puts me in such a good mood first thing rather than rolling over to look at artificial light from my phone  first thing. I am normally out the door for 6am because there is usually no one on the streets at that time (near me anyway) so I take advantage of my ‘one workout a day’ then and will walk for at least to hour to 1.5 hours, since there is no time limit right?
Some of you may have even built a whole home gym to keep you on track. I have even been searching on all the online classes, usually Pilates or yoga ones to work on my core balance etc, but of course there are many out there for pretty much everything! This is a great excuse to mix up your workout routine and some may have even found a new workout style you never thought you would have done before; I really do encourage you to try something new. I have also been posting a couple of workout ideas on my Instagram if you wanted to have a nosey.

Focus on good, wholesome food.
Well let’s face it, if there was ever a time to get practicing your skills in the kitchen, then this is it. As mentioned before get yourselves on line and take advantage of the millions of recipes out there, one main thing I would focus on is the amazing, delicious, nutritious meals that will not only boost your mood but will also have you experimenting with new foods, again ones that you never thought you would have time to do or would enjoy cooking. Don’t think of cooking as a chore or something you feel takes too long and too much effort.

There are some amazing protein filled, nutritious, flavorsome meals out there, just keep it super simple and build up your skills. Some of you may even be taking the time to learn all about good nutrition — remember a healthy body and mind often starts in the kitchen, you should be taking the time to enjoy the process of cooking good food and actually enjoying what you are eating. Life’s tough right now, so the main thing I would say to focus on is what you are putting into your body as oppose to work on the aesthetics because it is what you put into your body that is going to benefit you in the long run — whatever feels right for you.

Getting the jobs done!
Once you have moved your body and got a belly full of nutritious food now it is time to get to work. If you have been putting off certain jobs for months because you just haven’t had the time. Or just said I will do it tomorrow, starting to sound familiar? Well, you have plenty now — and a lot of you should all be making the most of this. You’re tidying up the garden you neglected over the winter, clearing out your wardrobes and cupboards, and ensuring your house is spotless and homely. 

With life slowing down for a while, it’s definitely a good time to get organized. I just love to have a clear out or tidy up around my workspace area which is where I will be spending most of my time, because having a clean and open space will most defiantly help with your work mindset. One main tip when it comes to working from home is to not work from in your bed! (if you can help it) take it from someone who has worked from home before, get up, make the bed and sit on it, but do not get back in! Our brains are obviously used to our beds being a ‘safe’ and ‘relaxing’ place. Preferably working in a room where you can shut the door really helps for me and have somewhere you can sit.

Having a Routine
So many of you are attempting to inject some normalcy and routine into your lives right now — a very sensible idea if you ask me. Whether it’s starting every day with a workout or making sure you get dressed before you start the working day, of you are like me just living in comfy clothes or ‘work pyjamas’, having a routine you stick to is helping a lot of you get through each day. Working from home can be mentally very heavy and challenging if you have never done it before and don’t shut down. It is crucial to give yourself break times, lunch break and then its time to finish and you can ease into your evening routine and you will feel so much more productive. 

Setting boundaries whilst working from home is so important, just like you would at work. Try to stick to your normal working hours and then switch off your phone laptops – whatever. If you do live with other people or with your family, just tell them you are at work and got jobs to do and not to disturb you unless necessary, just as they would respect you if you were in the office.

Accepting a big change, feeling anxious, overwhelmed and mindful.
As our lives have slowed down, some of you out there are trying to work out how to slow 
your minds down too. Times like this (the unknown) can leave you feeling pretty anxious, but many of you will have different ways to do so, that might be practising mindfulness, yoga, just generally trying to live in the moment, giving someone a call, listening to relaxing music, any healthy . Rather than resisting, try retraining your brains to accept the situation and make the best of it. Let’s celebrate mental strength, as well as the physical. Many of us are putting a smile on our faces dreaming of days back in the gym, or spending time with friends and family again and just being back into a health work / life balance. It certainly makes you appreciate everything you could do and everything there is still to look forward to when this is over.

Take the extra down time to learn a new skill or find a new hobby.
Wanted to learn to bake, learn a new language or simply master a new workout move? I would encourage anyone out there to use this time to pick up a new skill / project. From completing a puzzle to the perfect handstand, learning skills means you can set goals and get excited about something new, as well as see yourself improve week by week. Always wanted to tackle a pull up, or even drawing? Now’s your chance.

Take Home Message - While there’ll most defiantly be ups and downs with family, finances, work, health etc, we’re all in  the same position but it is a matter of finding all sorts of fun new things to do while we stay home may be challenging but there is always something to do or to research / educate yourself on. Remember to use this time wisely — reach out to loved ones and use the tools available to stay positive. We are finally seeing social media for such a positive tool now and there are millions of videos, websites on pretty much anything you can think of. This is precious time you’ve been given to use however you want, whether that’s exercising, taking some healing time or enjoying time with loved ones.

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