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There is an over-whelming amount of information out there teaching us the “best way” to lose body fat. A Google search will get you over a million hits on how to lose weight. With all that information available to us, shouldn’t we all be healthy?

Here are a couple of issues with the information you’ll find on Google:

  • Some of it is just ridiculous
  • Most of it doesn’t even touch on mindset 

You might be asking yourself…… “Mindset? What does mindset have to do with losing body fat?” I’m here to tell you that it’s a huge piece of the fat loss puzzle. And once you understand the importance of your mindset, it changes everything.

I’m going to mention the term “successful fat loss” a few times through this article, which to me means sustainable fat loss. Reaching your goals means nothing if you do not have the ability to sustain your results. No one wants to be a yo-yo dieter. I’ve been there and it’s not fun.

Fat loss is both easy and hard. It’s easy because it comes down to basic science. Expend more than you consume, and you lose fat. Seems simple, right?

But it’s hard because you need to have a good fitness & nutrition plan that you’re consistent with. And you need to be patient. Otherwise, successful fat loss isn’t going to happen. If you can wrap your mind around the fact that consistency and patience are a must, then successful fat loss will be a lot easier and less stressful.

Here are just a few ways that your mind can hold you back from your fat loss goals: (and it’s worth noting that these tips are applicable to any goal you are trying to achieve. Health, career, family, etc)


  • You lack self-belief

The first step to setting a goal is to believe you can achieve it. If you’ve ever struggled with self-doubt, you know that truly believing in yourself takes time and takes effort. You have to change the way you talk to yourself, change the way you look at yourself, and change the way you think of yourself.


  • You have comparison syndrome

Are you constantly comparing your body, your workouts, or your results to those around you can really hinder your progress? It’s great to have a support system and people to hold you accountable, but always remember that your body is different than any other body on this entire planet. Therefore, your progress will be different. And we are all so different, which means that what works for your best pal Suzie may not work for you.

The only person you should compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday. 

  •     You’re impatient

Stop giving up after a week, or a month, or even 6 months. Real change takes time. Depending on how far you have to go or how big your goals are, a sustainable body transformation can take years. Stop chasing fast results. They aren’t sustainable. And in the grand scheme of life, taking 1-2 years to get yourself healthy, truly healthy, is not that long.


  • You don’t realize what it really takes

Change is challenging both mentally and physically. Before you even start the process of fat loss, you should sit down and figure out why you want to change. Dig deep! And write it down. This is something you can always come back to when you feel like giving up.


  • You’re letting the scale dictate your progress

I’ve been a nutrition coach for 6 years now and I can confidently say that weight loss is never linear. And if you are allowing the scale to dictate the effort you give, you won’t get the results you so badly want. Body weight fluctuates daily based on thing like hormones, water, workouts, stress, and a million other things that have nothing to do with fat.

Here’s what this means: the scale is not the best method to measure your progressKeep track of energy levels, sleep quality, motivation, performance, and take progress photos.


  • You’re not addressing the REAL issue

If you are overweight, chances are there are bigger issues than just lack of exercise, poor diet, and an unhealthy lifestyle. Sometimes it’s underlying emotional issues that are keeping you from changing your habits and becoming healthy. Maybe you turn to food for comfort or a way to deal with grief. Maybe you’re unhappy or lonely and turning to food in order to fill these voids. To achieve successful fat loss, it may require a deep dive into some emotional stuff. But once you start to recognize and address these issues, you will be well on your way to accomplishing your goals.


  • You’re scared to fail

Even though you may be uncomfortable and unhappy in your current situation, stepping into the unknown and changing your habits is downright scary. Maybe you’ve tried losing body fat in the past and have failed so now you’re afraid to give 100% effort.  Trying your hardest is scary because you have no excuse to fall back on if you don’t get the results you’re hoping for. However, not having a sense of urgency when it comes to change can hold you back from making real progress. Be relentless in your efforts and remember that you have only failed when you stop trying.

If any of these relate to you and you would like a chance to sort them out to lead a more sustainable fat loss process, then feel free to send me a message for a FREE 30 minute health coaching sessions (online).



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