3 Reasons why women and girls should do some sort of strength work

One of the biggest misconceptions about women strength training is that it is going to make them gain an undesirable amount of muscle mass and that they will look bulky.

Foe women who are sprinters, weight lifters or bodybuilders who tend to have a larger amount of muscle mass will eat, train, and take very specific supplements to get like that for years and years. But would you say they look ‘bulky’? Who are we to say who looks bulky or not? These women are incredible athletes who put their lives into their training and get the results they are wanting to win. Which is just like when women join the gym or get a trainer, you are investing your money to look a certain way.

It is hard for us as women to get bulky and gain undesirable amounts of muscle mass. We do not have the same hormonal profile as males, and we find it much harder to put on muscle mass then them. Even for them, it is a very hard, specific, and a slow process.

Another common misconception is that women should only be doing light weights or circuit type training. Everywhere from 2-20 reps. When we are doing little reps our weights will be heavier and when we do higher reps our weights will be lighter.

I phase my clients in and out of strength and intensity programs. So, when we are doing strength, we are focusing on more volume, fewer reps, and moving heavyweights, and when we do intensity we focus on more reps, fewer sets, and an intense focus. This allows my clients to get long term results and in return avoid injuries. The heavy lifting is going to make their muscles stronger (not necessarily bigger) and denser. So, when we go into a calorie deficit, they attain the ‘lean and toned’ look.

Here are 3 reasons why every female should be lifting weights and lifting heavy;

1. Get lean and toned
Strength training has been shown repeatedly to improve body composition and even treat metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes. Remember; strength training shapes and tightens the body. Strength training is key when it comes to improving body composition.

2. Reduce depression
Depression is on the increase and is being diagnosed more and more. The research has shown repeatedly that strength training helps prevent both depression and anxiety. It helps in the release of dopamine and serotonin (our happy neurotransmitters – ‘happy hormone’). It has been shown that the effects of exercise on improving and treating depression last longer than some anti-depressants.

3. Bone loss prevention
This is a very important benefit of strength training in females. For females who have suffered from eating disorders in the past which has led to Amenorrhea (stopping your menstrual cycle) this often also results in some bone loss. Unfortunately, when bone is lost, we cannot always get it back. However, strength training has been shown to increase bone mineral density and bone strength. Which prevents osteoporosis later in life, or even when women decide to have a baby, having a strong body prior will only benefit your before, during and after labor. Strength training isn’t just about strengthening your muscles, it also strengthens your bones, tendons, and ligaments.

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