Trusting your gut

Have you ever made a decision that was in line with your best experiential judgment but against your gut? Whether it is the right call or not, the uncertainty is enough to deter a positive outcome. Ideally, we can learn to align our gut instincts with our best judgment and nurture our intuition into something we can and frequently do trust, rely on, and believe in.

Firstly, what is our intuition? We have all heard terms like “a woman’s intuition” or “a mother’s intuition,” but intuition is something we all acquire.

Essentially, even if we are not aware of it, our gut or intuition is always present. It’s not a nagging voice in our head, nor the devil on our shoulder. Our intuition is a kind, inner voice that guides us towards more positive actions and outcomes.

Whenever we get scared or nervous, we won’t trust ourselves, and we cut off communication with our inner guide. Thoughts like ‘I can’t,’ or ‘there’s no way’ block us from creative ideas and intuitive direction. Then fear leads us to overthink and start future-tripping negative outcomes.

When these feelings start to occur, take a deep breath and try to slow down your thinking. If the feeling really does not go away, then listen to that gut (not your head) your gut can tell you so much more about yourself than your head. Overall make sure you give those feelings a try. Start small (like taking a different route home), listen (is it telling you it’s okay), and take note (that instinct was a good one or not).

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