Body Confidence

Hold your hands up if you’re your own worst critic? Well for me this used to be a definite and I am sure there are a large number of you out there who are the same, males and females.

It’s natural to pick fault with your appearance and dwell on the bits of your body you don’t particularly like, but you don’t have to be a supermodel to feel love for your shape because you are who you are and were born that way. In case you hadn’t noticed, everyone is different and i hate to sound so cliché but everyone is beautiful in their own way inside and out.

Again, it is easy for me to say all of this but you may read this post and forget about it within half an hour, but if it even helps one person I will be a happy girl! But if you’re going to be on the internet and looking for something to read or looking for some positive vibes, try find a positive media sources, a podcast, book or blog to share that focus on the strength and abilities of women (and men), not just their appearance.

Of course, I’m not only aiming this at females but its males who are tackling this battel as well, all these fitness buffs and gym goers and seeing that you should look a certain way. Promoting people to exercise and get active and follow a healthy lifestyle I am all for – however the people you see on social media who are looking like perfection is not what the reality of exercise and health. By discussing your grueling exercise or diet regime or fluctuating weight, you are in fact implying that weight is the primary factor in what it means to be fit and healthy…but it’s not. It is important to be present and remind yourself why are you doing this, who are you doing it for? If it is not yourself then you should have a moment to really think about it, I find writing down my thoughts and feelings is a great tool for expression.

Tips to remember:

Remember what your body can do

Start to appreciate your body for all the amazing things it does for you and not just for its appearance. Whether it’s healing a wound, lifting a weight, healing a cold or carrying a baby, the human body is an amazing thing and in a way acts as a machine so don't forget that it needs to be looked after! Being able to repair and recovery from most things is a pretty amazing system we have.

Mind your language

Serious question now everyone, but how often do you put yourself down? Clothes shopping is an example of this, I hear girls all the time saying oh my tummy is huge or look at my fat legs etc. Then again, most teachers don't pick on a pupil saying “You got two out of 10 answers wrong!” They’ll say: “You got eight out of 10 answers right! So don’t focus on aspects you consider less than perfect.

Body talk doesn’t just refer to body-bashing. Talking about your appearance, even in a positive way, can contribute to low self-esteem by placing undue attention on certain physical features. It’s all about beauty psychology – by telling a friend they look great and following up with "Have you lost weight?”, you’re reinforcing the stereotypical view that skinny equals beautiful. Try use a term such as your glowing with positivity or you look so much more positive within your posture, what have you changed in your lifestyle?

Be fair to yourself

Most of us find fault with some aspect of our image and our talents, but someone might be narrow minded and not agree with you and another person could love it about you? Linked to this negative body talk is awkwardness around accepting compliments, or feeling that talking about what we're good at is boasting or vanity. But recognizing your talents and allowing yourself to value these characteristics is important to developing positive self-esteem. Make your opinion a fair one. To me beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. Its about knowing and accepting who you truly are.

Take home message

Eat like you LOVE yourself - Move like you LOVE yourself - Speak like you LOVE yourself - Act like you LOVE yourself.

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